Bobby came from the cold north to us and is a kid to our homebred boy Xavier who goes back to Emeraud and old swedish lines. He has the most charming personality and we are thankful that his breeder Tuija shared this little one with us.

PL free, PRA free, PRA 1 free, vWD free 

German Junior Champion

VDH Junior champion

Polish Junior champion

German Junior winner 2016

Austrian Bundesjugendsieger 2016

Middle East European Junior Winner 2016

Landesjugendsieger Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 2016

Slovenian Winner 2017 

BOB and Multi CACIB  and CAC winner in several countries 

Multi Cruftsqualifications 



 Xavier vom Schwabenhof  gross  Zkarabis Diesel  klein  Zkarabis Las Vegas
 Zkarabis Organza
 Hundebudens Fanzine klein  Emeraud vom Schwabenhof
 Alexa von den Kolibris
 Golden Things Grand Diva  gross Herbfields Grand Cayman  klein Golden Things Top Tricolour
Rosalago Raffaella
 Connection Ms Golden Thing  klein  Connection Rolls Royce
 Connection Bag Lady


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